We are pleased to have the opportunity to present you our firm and to possibly offer future cooperation.
Company "TRANS — EXPRESS" D.0.0. Novi Sad, bul. Slobodana Jovanovića 15/I, was founded in 1994. and has been in business for the last 14 years, with constant improvements and development.
With 20 hard-working and devoted employees, with a vehicle pool of l0 small vehicles, 1 big vehicle and a practice of tracking all vehicles in traffic, transport, customs, trans-shipment and computer technology. We are highly devoted to satisfying all our customers’ needs and we are very proud of quality, promptness and efficiency of our work. We developed an all-level communication. Employees are active English, Hungarian and Slovakian language speakers. We follow the development of latest communication technology and we try to introduce innovations on regular basis.
The main activity ofthe firm is TRANSPORT, TRANS-SHIPMENT and FOREIGN TRADE.

ln the company’s vehicle pool we own:

- 6 van + side-car = 8 EWP, 8 – 14 m3, CARRIAGE max. 2.300 kg, PALETTE HIGHT max. 1,7 m

- 4 Small trucks = 15 EWP , 35 – 41 m3, CARRIAGE 2.700 – 3.000 kg

- 1 truck = 15 EWP, 34 m3, CARRIAGE 6.700 kg

All of our vehicles have CMR insurance — l50.000 EUR, at "DDOR — Novi Sad", Transport insurance of the merchandise we make on the demand of the authority-giver, with the same insurance company.


Our vehicles are daily engaged on relations: Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany; besides these, we also transport on relations: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Holland and other EU countries, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia.

Best regards.